SNPs and Positions

More details as per SNPs below P109 and positions of the new observed mutations (the table is too large so it is split into 5).

To understand the pictures:

  • The tree goes from top to bottom.
  • P109 is at the top, but not shown.
  • The 5 pictures are parallel to each other.
  • Each column represent a single kit for BigYs or multiple kits from Chromo 2s.
  • Although most of the results comes from a direct representation of FTDNA’s analysis, they have been adjusted/completed after YFull’s analysis.

update 22nd of December 2016 with 116 BigY’s in pdf format … you’ll need to zoom in though!:

Download P109tree December 2016 as pdf (goes over 2 A3 wide pages … a lot of white space, but couldn’t get rid of it!?!).



as per the 22nd of December 2016, with 116 BigYs and 50 Chromo2.

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