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4 thoughts on “Contacts us!

  1. Gary Julian says:

    I offer services to generate and maintain a Big Y I-P109 tree that looks similar to the I-Z63 tree.
    I’m working with Ron V in the I-Z63 project to learn how to generate their type tree. His latest comment to me:

    Maybe you could suggest to those that manage that they have a look at one of our Z63 anonymous files (no names and therefore protects personal info). Perhaps they could begin using the same format. All they would need is MS Office and a few hours (days?) of reformatting.

    What do you think? if I do the reformatting.

    • Nicolas Taban says:


      Any help would be welcome!


      • Gary Julian says:

        thanks for revising the Big Y tree display – it is a start in the right direction. By separate message I propose a tree scheme to show more data and accommodate more Big Y results.

        • Nicolas Taban says:

          You are welcome to prepare an new representation of the tree and send it.
          We will then publish it.

          Nicolas Taban

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