For those interested in having their BAM file analyzed by Full Genomes Corp. (FGC), I have arranged to get a 50% discount (final cost $25) for our I1-P109 members who have taken the BigY test.  The FGC website is here:

The coupon code is: "IP109"

In addition to having your BAM-file analyzed by a third party for a fantastic price, the advantage to our little branch of I1 is that FGC is also building their own version the Y-tree (similar to FTDNA and Yfull).  FGC has the advantage of having one of the world's foremost experts on High Throughput Sequencing (HTS) data analyses: Greg Magoon.  So when the BigY dust settles, and the powers that be put their respective heads together to redefine the Y-tree, they will all have analyzed the same I1-P109 data so we will have the best possible outcome for all of our P109-branches and significant terminal SNPs.  So having your BAM-file analyzed by FGC is the long play here.  Eventually, FTDNA, Yfull and FGC will all allow you to upload your independent SNP testing results from Yseq, and the culmination of all this will be for P109 to look like a fuzzball of branches that all have a high degree of confidence.

This does NOT changes anything you've done up to now; it is simply another company with a REALLY expensive computer and a complementary interest in building the Y-tree with HTS data.

The contact at FGC is:

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Best regards,

Chuck Thornton