I-P109 First Newsletter


Dear I-P109 cousins,

I am proud to send the very first newsletter for the I-P109 group members. If you receive it, it is because you are a member of the I-P109 FTDNA project. You should note immediately that this will not be one of these spam letters you will receive every day. This is hobby-based and letters will come sporadically only, following free time and interesting subject availability.

First of all, thanks to Rebekkah's magical fingers, we have now a brand new web page dedicated to us and our male ancestors: P109.haplogroup.org

You will find there the progress on our common research, again, has it comes. This will give the possibility to all of us to share and discuss, even for those who, for any valid reason, are not on Facebook (where we also have a closed group) or other social platforms.

Suggestion for improvement, articles, notes etc ... are very welcome!

Then, I would like to thanks all the 25 BigY pioneers (and their 16 followers) without whom the I-P109 haplotree wouldn't have grown has is today. Each result that comes, brings information and some times surprises. The current version of the tree is available on the web page as well, and will be updated along the way ...

Finally, I would like to encourage all of you to profit from the current Sales at FTDNA. According to your budget, you can increase the number of Y-STR markers or even go for the BigY. Hurry up as there are not many days left!

This is a good opportunity for us to further develop the I-P109 tree.


Sincerely yours,

Nicolas Taban.